Laiterie de l’Outaouais’
Employee-Shareholder Cooperative

Almost 30 employees make up the Laiterie de l’Outaouais’ Employee-Shareholder Cooperative. Through it, all employees are personally committed to pouring their heart into their work, to contribute fully to the team’s achievements and success. At any time, they can raise issues and present ideas to Mr. Daniel Daoust who represents them on the dairy’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Daniel Daoust

Phone: 819-663-7665

Consumers’ Cooperative

logosThe Laiterie de l’Outaouais’ Consumers’ Cooperative now has almost 800 active members, each a proud ambassador for the Laiterie de l’Outaouais, committed to creating a sense of belonging.

 “I am proud to have been involved in the Laiterie de l’Outaouais’ re-start, a great project for the region. The Outaouais proved it was able to innovate and band together when necessary. The creation and the quick success of the Consumers’ Cooperative allowed us to reverse a market aberration, because of which Outaouais milk was being processed elsewhere before coming back. The original structure we put in place allowed hundreds of citizens to get political for their local economy: by buying local milk, they were helping to develop our region. Here’s to many more years for the Laiterie de l’Outaouais!

Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, Mayor of Gatineau  

Membres du Conseil d’administration :

  • Richard Nadeau, Président
  • Raphaël Déry, Secrétaire-trésorier
  • Emmanuelle Pedneaud-Jobin, Conseillère
  • Roch Martel, Conseiller
  • Un poste de conseillère/conseiller vacant

Members of the Consumers’ Coop

  • Contribute to development projects thanks to the dues they pay
  • Help the community through dairy product donations to community organizations

To join the Laiterie de l’Outaouais’ Consumers’ Coop

  • Become a stakehorder in the Coop by simply filling out the online form
  • Be willing to pay the required dues of $200 plus $6.50 of administrative fees
  • Make the payment by following the instructions on the online form